CEO Words

Dear Parent,
We would like to thank you for your great efforts with our beloved students during the pandemic year, which made it a challenging phase in the educational field. Schools went virtual without any prior notice. Individuals have found themselves in different positions when it came to coping with the latest learning process. The main goal was to achieve an ongoing interactive relationship between virtual school and students, in order to master the skills of the virtual learning process. This transition did not only include the educational process’ two principal pillars, (i.e. teacher and student), it included the families too.

With all these challenges, we have ensured that the aforementioned educational process is executed with credibility and transparency, hence allowing us to measure the outcomes of continuous effort over the course of this academic year. It is in turn measured by the following criteria:
reliability, dynamic, availability, and community participation.

Reliability: relying on a highly qualified and well-experienced team to lead the teaching and learning process.
Dynamic: delivering the best teaching practices in the new challenging environment of virtual learning
Availability: We ensure that teachers and staff are always available to support and help our students.
Community Participation: MIS administration is committed to contribute to educational investment.
❖ It lifted the financial burden of families by offering a special discount on the first term fees.
❖ We believe in the importance of community participation as a core value. We continue to support families,
students and the educational process.

MIS has and always will continue to strive towards true merit and leadership in the field of
international education in the Kingdom, holding the responsibility of
nurturing the minds of its students and preparing them to meet the challenges of tomorrow.
God bless you all.

Chief Executive Officer
Al-Moktashef International School
Dr. Abeer Attallah Mohammed