يوم بدينا ثلاثة قرون من رفعنا الراية

244 23/02/2022

Three centuries ago, Saudi Arabia raised the ever-waving green banner of monotheism. No matter the position of the sword is on the flag????????, there is no alternative to the testimony of monotheism. From Najd, the journey of our homeland began by Imam Muhammad bin Saud. Not only had it unified the different spectra in the kingdom, but also made a significant history of achievements and success. On the occasion of the founding day... We are pleased to welcome our grades 6-12 students on Monday, February 21, 2022 at 7:30 am sharp, in one of the traditional costumes in Saudi Arabia (for those who wish and have it available) as each region is famous for a traditional costume of its own, or dress up in earth colors