Facilities & Services



The library offers teachers and students a wide range of resources: fiction and non-fiction in English,  and other languages, audio-visual materials, and computer software.

Computer workstations in the library and the attached computer lab, allow students to access information from our online library catalogue.

Computer Lab

Internet enables computer lab with over 24 computers to meet the students’ Information Technology needs.

 Trained and experienced teachers provide both theoretical and practical lessons for students to help them navigate a rapidly changing technology driven world.

Students have access to the computer labs, which provide the tools and technologies to complete class assignments.

Science Laboratory

The school has a science laboratory well equipped for the purpose of enhancing practical applications, demonstrations, and experimentation.

Science teachers plan various experiments to ignite the curiosity and inculcate a scientific temperament in the students.


Praying Area

Art Room

The Art Room provides students with raw materials required to explore and express their innate talent. It has a rich collection of artworks of students displayed.

Activity Room

This well equipped and spacious room provides a wide variety of resources aimed at stimulating the interests of young students during recreation time and also for specific class activities.

Educational toys, puzzles, models, bricks, blocks are all carefully selected for the children to enjoy their kindergarten years and to develop their potential through play way method.

Sports Facilities

Along with academics, physical fitness is given importance. With an eye to groom students into physically strong and mentally active members, a range of sports facilities are available.

This include basketball and football courts.



Counselling in MIS is designed to facilitate student achievement, improve student behaviour and attendance, and help students develop socially.

Social Workers at MIS are dedicated to providing social and emotional guidance and counselling services to our students and their families. 

Our goal is to assist in developing the student’s social skills, help them adjusting with the school environment and guide parents and teachers in dealing with the difficulties they might face with their child.


A well-equipped clinic is available to provide health care for our children throughout the school day.

Students with injuries or illnesses may go and be seen by our school doctor.
We also do regular health checks. The clinic also keeps
a medical file on each child and checks on absences. 

The school doctor notifies the parents of a child if more serious treatment is needed.


The school canteen provides a food service during break times. It offers a range of healthy snacks and beverages. Hygiene and strict quality control of food are regarded as top priorities.


The school run buses all over Jeddah, to and from school, enabling our students to access to our school by safe transportation every day. The buses take your children from home directly, on a set schedule, providing efficiency and safety for younger children. 

All the buses are air-conditioned. Every bus has a bus matron who stays with the children for the whole journey, maintaining the behaviour and safety of the children.