Working in MIS


Life in Jeddah is a lot more exciting than one might think! First and foremost, working at MIS is a great experience that will add a lot to your expertise. You will be working with dynamic and experienced colleagues of different nationalities who thrive on seeing their students succeed and who motivate each student to reach his/her potential. All teachers are encouraged to show their hidden talents by supporting MIS’s extracurricular program and offering to run a student club or team. In order to ensure that all staff feels home, MIS has a dedicated social committee whose members organize regular social events, celebrate special days and encourage staff participation.
MIS is always looking for qualified, dedicated people to join its team. There is always lots of learning going on. Once you are finished with school, Jeddah has plenty to offer in the community. There are varieties of clubs and activities that may pique your interest. You might even find a new activity!   

Employment Qualifications;             

Position Categories:

1- Administrative Positions:

Administrative positions at MIS include the heads (department heads). In order to be considered for administrative vacancies, candidates - at least - must possess the following basic qualifications: a University degree in a relevant field, preferably a degree in educational leadership, at least two years of successful experience in a relevant position, and a desire to support MIS’s mission.
N.B: A holder of a degree in educational leadership is preferred.

2- Teachers:

The majority of MIS’s employees are teachers who work in the core subject areas (Math, Science, English, French, Arabic, Social Sciences) as well as in specialist roles (physical education, computer, arts) across our elementary, middle, and high stages. In order to be considered for teaching vacancies, candidates must - at least - possess the following basic qualifications: a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution , a valid teaching certificate ( for overseas teachers ,certified teachers are preferred), at least two years of full-time teaching experience, and a desire to support MIS’s mission.

N.B: for overseas teachers, certified teachers are preferred.      

3- Staff Members:

MIS’s staff members work in a wide variety of roles, from assisting in our classrooms to providing administrative support and overseeing our daycare facilities. In order to be considered for staff vacancies, candidates must possess the following basic qualifications: university degree, (experience in an educational setting is preferred), and a desire to support MIS’s mission.

N.B: For all the positions, the applicant should be a team player, motivated, dynamic, reliable, energetic, enthusiastic, and organized.