SAT Test Center

Al Moktashef International School is assigned as SAT Test Center in Jeddah by the College Board
allowed to accommodate SAT I and SAT II subject tests.

SAT is a Standardized Test, which is taken by high school students with American curriculum,
& used for college admission

SAT I: Is the essential exam needed for college admission .
The new redesigned version:

SAT I, which started in 2016; includes two 800-point sections:

  1. Mathematics

  2. English (Reading and Writing), and the essay section became optional.

SAT II: Is what they call the subject test, and it is required by some
Universities to be admitted in certain colleges .This test is only in one subject
and it includes 20 subjects such as Biology or World History etc .It ranges in score between
200-800 points.

The test dates for the Academic Year 2020-2021 are as follows:

Date Registration Deadline
August 29,2020 July 31,2020
September 26,2020 August 26,2020
October 3,2020 September 4,2020
December 5,2020 November 5,2020
March 13,2021 February 12,2021
May 8,2021 April 8,2021

SAT registration is done online and the student can follow these easy steps :

  1. Go to the college board website

  2. Sign in to your free college board account.

  3. You will be asked to provide your information .Make sure it is the exact Information
    shown on your passport.

  4. Upload your photo (It has to meet the photo requirements given).

  5. Decide whether to sign up for the SAT with Essay (See which colleges require it).

  6. Choose your test center, and date of the exam.

  7. Pay the fees of the exam which is around 105$ (A credit card is required).

  8. Print your admission ticket.

If the student is applying for a Saudi university taking the SAT exam would be optional , but
for most foreign universities it would be a must for American Diploma students. In addition
to SAT , some universities might required other tests such as TOEFL and IELTS.

SAT I takes 3 hours with breaks in between, and 50 additional minutes for the essay section
SAT II takes 1 hour (with no breaks). Students must arrive to the exam center at
least an hour before the exam.

All you need to know about SAT exam:

The name and code number assigned to our institution as noted below:

• Girl Section # 52420
• Boy Section # 52421
• Al Moktashef International School
• For any inquires please feel free to contact Ms. Rachanee Mallam :
• Phone number : +966 12 694 4065
• Phone number : +966 12 694 4077