Dear parents of students who are using the school bus service 🚌🚐,

Greetings! Kindly note that MIS utilizes the latest technology for the student bus transportation system through the “BlueRide” application. Here are some reminders:

How to Log In:
Please use the registered number provided by the school in the BlueRide application. If you don’t have a previous account, you can log in using the mobile number registered with the school along with the password “Aa123456.”

Through the app, you can:
📌 Receive notifications when the bus is approaching your home.
📌 Get alerted when the bus arrives at your home.
📌 Receive notifications when your student arrives at and departs from school.
📌 Report your student’s absence from the bus trip through the application.
📌 Register your home address using the app.

🖇 iOS app :
🖇 Android app :

📌 If you require technical assistance with the BlueRide app, please reach out to us at either 0568643661 or 0536020064.

We appreciate your cooperation and commitment to following the safe dismissal guidelines. We are continually working to provide a suitable and comfortable environment for our students by offering high-standard services.

Best regards,
The School Transportation Management at Al Moktashef International Schools.